ideclaire wish I had endless cheers

Follow my heart, even if it scares me (read all 18 entries…)
Live for the moment.....


But it’s also important to heed the lessons of moments passed—to learn from heartaches and sorrow, mistakes and misfortunes, to be humbled by success, shame, disappointment, and love.
It’s important to have a place to grow from, a place you never want to return to, a person you never want to be again.

Yet out of this comes the acknowledgment (by contrast, if nothing else) of what you DO want to become, where you DO want to go in life. And it’s this focus that drives you, inspires and invigorates you, reminds you of why.

But only so much time can be spent planning for or worrying/daydreaming about the future… just as only so much time can be spent pondering (or reliving, mourning, romanticizing, etc.) the past.

So it’s about finding that perfect nook between the two, in the here and now, if only for moments in the day. To just be. Without all the rest.

(Damn, I really need to meditate more.)


I want you to know that I like your entries for this goal. Especially this one. You captured what I felt about this living in the moment thing. How I wish I have written this one =)

ideclaire wish I had endless cheers

Thank you!

When it comes down to, this website has not only given me responsibility and accountability for my own personal goals, but it’s also shown me that there are people all over the world that feel similarly to the way I feel—that they want to accomplish the same types of things in their own lives. It gives me strength because I know I’m not alone, in the grand scheme of things.

Thank you so much for the cheers and the comment. Best of luck in all your goals in life! :)


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