jamiejsumner hey back on 43 things again

Let go of the past

sometime you can’t let go of your past its hard. i tried to let it go but it cames back.

so my mom left me when i was 2 had another kid and last year my step mom left me 2 days before my birthday. i am now 13 going on 14 in a month. you can see how its hard on me to forgive them. i still love them but yeah. oh and after my step mom left two people i knew died. so yeah my life has been really messed up.

so maybe you wanna let go but scared to, i don’t know but all I’m telling you listen to your heart, what do you want to do? its yours and only your choice, make the right one.


jamiejsumner hey back on 43 things again


okay well you would have to meet me dad first and if he lets me i would totally love to go. your an amazing lady i love you so much!!!


I want to:
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