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Kill me now . . .

Since Wednesday, I have been calling our doctor’s office to get them to fax an order to a home health agency so that a nurse can come by and do Nick’s bowel program. Today, the doc’s office is closed and the home health agency still does not have the form.


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what is wrong with people????

Sorry so stressful…..

hope Nick is okay ~ I’m sure they would not want their loved ones having to wait….



Jessy sweet enough without sugar

Thanks, h.g.~

Nick will be okay, because I will not leave until I know that everything is set.

Funny, yesterday I called the doc’s office in the afternoon. They were closed, and there was a number for an “on-call” doc, so I tried that. I explained the problem to the answering service, but they would not page the doc because it was “not an emergency.” Okay . . . if it was a true emergency, I would have called 911 in the first place. If it was a fever or something like that, I’d have gone to the doc in the box. I would not call the on-call person unless it was something only our family physician could handle. Why even have an on-call doc?

I’ll take care of it Monday . . . grumble, grumble . . . but I am going to make a fuss. >:(

Jessy sweet enough without sugar

Oh, and just to clarify . . .

his bowel program is just an easy thing that I do every day, but the caregiving agency I use does not provide that service, even though they have Certified Nursing Assistants. So I have to get the home health agency to send an R.N. to do it while I am gone, but they need a doctor’s order to send someone . . . it’s no wonder I never go out of town . . .

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I was at the nursing home visiting my grandmother yesterday and her roommate was having a problem replacing her bladder bag that had broken. (It’s like a colostomy bag, but attached to the bladder instead of the intestines.) She asked one of the aides for assistance and he said he had to go get the nurse. I’m not trained in those bags, but I was irritated that he wouldn’t help her. If I had gloves with me, I would’ve helped her since it’s something she does for herself and just needed assistance because she couldn’t get it to snap in place.

I’d definitely have a conversation with Nick’s doctor about this the next time you see him in person. Ask for him to have a standing order in Nick’s file so that when you call his office, they can just fax it to the agency.

I hope this gets handled for you soon.

Jessy sweet enough without sugar

Oh, Todd, I did not realize

your grandmother was in a nursing home now. I hope she is adjusting well to the change.

Yes, it is irritating when the techs have to go get a nurse for every little thing. I know that in hospitals, Certified Nursing Assistants can draw blood, insert catheters, and do many things in addition to just taking vital signs and emptying bedpans, but it does not seem to be the same in rehab places, and from your experience, nursing homes.

I will definitely have a word with the doc next time one of us has an appointment. And I plan to be at the doc’s office when it opens on Monday with two fax numbers and a request for an order I can hold in my hand and take to the home health place if necessary.

Thanks, Todd, for the suggestion about the standing order. I’ll do that.

Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars


Grandma fell and broke her ankle. She’s in the nursing home only until she heals and rehabs, then she’ll come back home. She is supposed to get her cast off on the 30th.


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