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I want to call in sick today. My knee is really bothering me. I’ve been away from work for a week. I just don’t want to come in.
We have our regular meeting at 830 and it’s making me anxious.

I have a legit excuse, my knew is sore. Last week was hard with the trip. and this weekend. I did take it easy a little.
Saturday, store, and the party, and then yesteardy church and group, and rested. I need to really rest it. Honestly< i don’t think it will be completely healed and the gains I get from resting today, will go away by mid day Tuesday. I just need to rest it.

I’ve been to the doctor and they say the knee is ok, so I don’t need to go in again, but I need go to pt and rest it.

I’ll call my bosses phone at 7am, then I will call J. to let her know. I’ll send her the agenda. She’s mad at me i”m sure because I’ve been out, but that’s how it felt when she left for maternity leave last yeard and I was doing it by myself. She’ll be fine.


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what you need to do is take a formal leave of absence, if your knee needs a long stretch to recover.

That way, your employer won’t be caught off guard, can redistribute the work load, and you will have a solid block of time to heal.

Or, is there a way your work duties could change to make things easier for your knee? Can you work part of the week at home?

toomuchcoffee moving on with life

I did call in sick and was able to get to the physical therapist. It was good. My knee checks out, ok, (no visible damage ). I need to walk more in alignment, straighten up. When I slouch, it hurts.

I need to practice walking upright. It’s harder than it thinks. I have some exercises as well.



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