dragonfly35 April is here!

Do 10 nagging tasks a week, no matter how small, until I feel caught up (read all 162 entries…)

Laundry. Laundry has been overdue for an entire week. I was digging deep in that underwear drawer, let me tell you. :)

Like Spatz, I seem to be a little behind this week. Normally I start the new week on Sunday, but I’m still a couple of nagging tasks behind… Unless I find some fast ones, I will try to extend the week until tomorrow and see if I can’t get ten done by the end of the day.


dragonfly35 April is here!

I used to do bootcamps

but eventually I found being part of the group wasn’t motivating me any more and I found it more useful having my own, more specific lists. I do have lists that overlap goal to goal, and I’ve had goals with multiple lists. At times, I’ve found it motivating, and at other times overwhelming. I guess you don’t know till you try. :)


and I’ve been doing bootcamps for a few months now. Might be time to step up the intensity! Thanks for your input :)

dragonfly35 April is here!

You're welcome

Good luck!


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