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Sharing a meal

Today I found chicken on sale, probably because of Memorial Day coming up on Monday. So I bought a couple of packages. I also found some lump charcoal, which I’ve been dying to try ever since I heard Alton Brown rave about it on Good Eats. Besides, I just took the trouble to move this old stinky grill of mine all the way here from my last place, where it sat in a shed for years never being used. So now I decided it’s time to use it.

The smoke from the wood charcoal smelt wonderful! I didn’t use lighter fluid either, so there wasn’t that gasoline smell happening. I sat out in the back yard and waited to hear the neighbors commenting how nice it was to smell a barbecue happening.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Then I started to feel bad, like maybe the smoke was going in people’s windows and bothering them. So I moved my grill farther away from the building, where it wouldn’t likely bother anyone too much.

I couldn’t stand cooking six giant chicken breasts just for me and my son, so I knocked on my neighbor’s door that I met the other day and invited her and her two little girls to eat with us. We all dragged folding tables and chairs outside and had a nice get-together. After the chicken was all cooked we also cooked up a package of hot dogs, just to give them the smoky flame-grilled flavor even though they would mostly be put straight in the fridge and reheated later. I was shocked that several of them did get eaten, though. Fire and smoke do good things to people’s appetites.

Sharing a meal with my new friends felt just like a little princess tea party, only with chicken. We had lots of fun. I hope to meet and share similar experiences with others of my neighbors soon.


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