TSE Spring is almost here...yea!

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We're sort of on-track with this goal...

...this really hinges on our budget. I can take vacation days away from work, but we may not have saved enough to do this.

To be fair, we have been saving steadily over the year in anticipation of this trip. However, we also had unexpected added expenses after the birth of our daughter.

Nonetheless, this goal reminds a high priority and I know we can make it.


Holly is not doing so good on getting things done!

Yes, yes, yes

There’s a great hotel we stayed in called the JJ Hotel. It was clean and very affordable. Here’s a link http://www.jjhotel.com.hk/

Before we found this hotel, we had found that accomodation in Hong Kong was pretty expensive and even at nicer hotels a bit different from a North American Hotel. I’ve also heard great things about the YMCA. Wherever you end up, you should be close to a metro line.

If you are interested here is a link to some of my blog posts on our 2010 trip.



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