Spatz .☆.☆.What a wonderful life.☆.☆.

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Getting better

What is helping me here is:

  • A nice spreadsheet Forester321 sent me to track what influences my sleep
  • No late night snacking, especially not on salty things like chips
  • Setting my intention to wake up at a time and not sooner
  • Finishing my day with something positive otherwise it will haunt me at night
  • No reading work emails at home in the evening
  • My yoga teachers mantra – “everything has been done. There’s nothing to be done right now.” (roughly translated).

Now I just have to go to bed at a reasonable hour :-)

picture via pinterest


ugogrl thankful for the cheers =0)

ahh...that's a

peaceful room

Spatz .☆.☆.What a wonderful life.☆.☆.

I wish

my bedroom were as peaceful.
Maybe in time :)


I want to:
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