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Some creepy dude came to clean the gutters just now. He had long black hair that melted into his long curly/frizzy beard. He had on an oversized navy blue sweatshirt and baggy jeans. his fly wuz down. He asked for my mom but i said she aint here and he asked for her number or my dad’s number and i gave him my dad’s number and he asked for his name too and I said it was Caleb and he’s like “oh, that;s from the bible, aint it?” and im like “yeah” and he asked if we were christian and i said yes and he said “kool me 2 where do yall go to church?” and i said my church’s name and he asked if i went to the international thing where ppl from the same race grouped up and had a little session and i said no i went to the main sanctuary and he’s like kool im christian too im partick, btw and im like kool and then he asked me what language i speak and i said “tamil” and he’s like kool so u from tamilnadu? and im like uuuhhh yeah sure why not and then my grammie walked in and he’s like “does your mom speak english?” and im like “no, my GRANDMOTHER doesnt.” and he kinda starts chattin her up and she tries to understand and respond in english as best she can and he tries to get me to translate but them he had to go so im like “bai”

XD i feel like a newbie, writin with no grammer whatsoever. But im too lazy to write with proper grammer and spelling so just bear with me!

Wing Progress : Meditation’s going well :D Im doing my best to think of wings all the time. Can we all just cheer for Sheila? Her wings are like l——l this close to coming out! And everyone else who I dont know as well but are that close to gettin your wings out! ROUND OF APPLAUSE! :D claps


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