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I'm still on the registering train far as freeing my own books, but soon, soon. I’m trying to decide if I want to add anything extra to the covers (do you?). Impressive that you’ve released over 1000!

bethieb is freezing!

My dear husband...

was fed up with me hand writing post-it notes for the front of all my BC wild releases. Two xmas’s ago he asked his cousin to print a whole box of post-it sized notes for me. I have to use repositionable craft glue on them, but it sure saves a lot of time. And a lot of griping from my husband. :-) Now he only complains about my over-flowing BC bookshelf (the real one). I’ve got the reputation of wanting any and all books so now friends tend to bring by boxes of them. Lately, I’ve done a lot of wild releases and have had some good journal entries – I think about 10 of them since April.

If you want to send me your address through BC, I’d be glad to share some of my cover notes with you. Just a little motivation to help you wild release. :-)


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