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Replace the beloved night light (read all 2 entries…)
Lost spoka!

We lost a dear friend over the weekend: Isak’s night-light, a little softly blue glowing ghost that he’s had since he was a baby. It’s been there whenever he’s fallen asleep, gets packed for overnights, goes camping with us, and is always there to usher in good dreams and comfort in the darkness.

He was thoughtful enough to lend it to Iris to carry for the lantern festival we went to Saturday night and she managed to drop it when we weren’t looking. We doubled back and looked everywhere, but it was dark, there were thousands of people milling around with their own lights, and we knew there was little hope. I put a lost and found ad on Craigslist just in case, but again, little hope there.

I feel terrible about it, he was so sad when he realized it was really gone – I know it’s just a thing, and maybe there’s an important lesson there, but I remember what it’s like to be particularly attached to something as a kid and losing it.

I checked with Ikea, and the ones they have now are quite different, I’d love to get him the exact same one. I’ve found a woman willing to trade one for something on a swap site, so I wrote her, but she’s in South Dakota – I have yet to hear back and have no clue what to offer her in return. Fingers crossed I can find one somewhere…


Ru ~ dig deeper Chasing rabbits, falling down holes

Blue boo

It is the same thank you. I may write to see if I can pick that up as well… thanks!!

Funny… they want more for mailing it than they do for the actual cost, and they’re half an hour from here…


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