save 6 months of living expenses
I am tired of being scared of financial insecurity

I have a good job, and make a decent wage

BUT – I spent too much and have a big mortgage and a family to support

I have paid off all credit cards and cars (finally, and then bought more cars and recharged the credit cards higher than ever.

What frightens me is having a big expense or a job or income change that causes me to have to borrow more and descend into insolvency.

6 months living expense for me is about $5k per month, or $30k total.

That’s a lot of dough for this small-town boy.

But I HAVE to do it. I want to sleep easy at night knowing I can handle unexpected monetary hits. It has taken me a long time to get to this point, but I am now deferring instant gratification in favor of savings. I’ve saved nothing. I have a long way to go.

Please God, be nice to me and let me keep saving without an emergency causing me to drop big bucks along the way.

Changing from a spender to a saver seems impossible to me.
But I keep trying.


If you withdraw from your 401k to pay off student loans, you incur the 10% penalty. But if you withdraw from it in order to pay tuition/related expenses while you’re in school, there is no penalty. A bit too late to help you, probably.



Thanks, Yes – I incurred the penalty to pay off debt. It helped some, but I lacked foresight. The extra “income” has also put me into a higher tax bracket, which I did not account for – so in addition to putting together the penalty for next year, I have to have more deducted from my pay check to meet the additional taxes.

Hopefully I can help somebody else avoid my costly mistake.


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