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Achieve my health goals (read all 2 entries…)

Weight loss is definitely a factor here but the term weight loss has negative connotations for me.
So without going into a rant about societal projections of the thin = happy equation or purging my history of self loathing etc etc, I thought I would make this a positive goal for myself.

I want to run 5km without stopping.
I want to swim 1km twice a week in salt water. (I used to do 1km in a pool but have never found it as easy in the sea)
I want to do REAL pushups.

There will be more to add I’m sure.


Just a quick comment to say good luck with your goals.

Have you looked into the ‘couch to 5k’ programme? It’s great for people who are new to running and want to run 5k.

Also, Push ups. If you are having trouble with push ups, Try this little routine..

3×30 WALL Push ups.
(when you can do 3 sets of 30 push ups against a vertical wall progress onto the next step after two days rest. If you can’t do these all yet rest two days and try again)

3×25 incline push ups
(against a counter top or other sturdy high surface, again for the instructions above)

3×20 Kneeling push ups

3×15 Half Push ups
(normal push ups but only half the range of motion)

3×10 real Push ups.

The staged approach should get your body used to the movements and train you up towards doing good old fashioned regular push ups. If your unsure about any of the movements, just give each exercise a quick google. Hope it helps. :)

beanau Life is amazing and I love it!

Thanks for the note – much appreciated. I am familiar with couch to 5km – I actually started it a few years back and got 75% of the way through (a 20 min run with no walking) It was great and I am going to do it again, only this time to completion. I was going to start this morning but was struggling against abdominal pain so settled for a hour and a half walk instead.
Great push up tips as well – I’ll give that a go.
Cheers – good luck with your goals!


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