i want to talk to people online just to talk
need quality conversation,with meaning,thought,feeling.!

I would like to talk to someone who would like to share their thoughts,dreams,and goals.And what might be bothering them,and we can talk about it with each other and come to some peace about it..



Up for a chat

Sure Anthony. What’s on your mind?


I guess I am just a little angry at myself for My choices that i have made concerning the relationship I’m in.I do not think I want to be in it any further,I feel that it is holding me back,but I made the choice but not for the right reason.
we were both friends,looking for a place to live,so we decided to live together,split the bills and do what we needed to do. then we became friends with benefits, and she told me that she fell in love with me…that’s when things turned around to me paying all or most of the bills,including hers,fixing her car,..etc
while my truck sits waiting for repairs.
We really do not have anything in common;
I love the outdoors;hiking, camping, fishing or just hanging outside drinking a beer talking.
Blah,blah,blah…sometimes i get tired of hearing myself,...I do not want to hurt her feelings,but I think I rather go back to being just friends,she pays her way, and I take care of me and mine.


Rough Spot

Sounds like you’re in a bit of a rough spot, but if I may ask, are you feeling this way because of the relationship, or the burden of having to carry another person’s weight? Relationships are complicated by themselves with two people contributing equally.

What I would do if I were in your situation is talk to her. Let her know how you feel, and just be honest about your thoughts, feelings, everything towards her. Will this hurt her feelings? Quite possibly, because to know someone doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings you have for them, can be devastating. She’ll probably be upset for a while, but in the end at least you were honest.

Do you think the relationship would work if she resumed paying half the bills? Or do you want out of it altogether?

I could pose a lot of questions, but I won’t. I don’t want to complicate the matter. I just think sitting her down and giving her the truth is the best way to go about it.


I want to:
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