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I just finished

The Chopra 21-day meditation challenge and found it very useful. I want to continue this practice and am now looking or some other guided meditations. Any recomendations?


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There are tons of audiotapes with various

guided meditations. I think this is a very personal thing because different imagery and different voices resonate for different people. Personally, I like Jack Kornfield and Pema Chodran, and I don’t care much for Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle, but I know they are helpful for many people.

I do Vipassana meditation, which isn’t a guided meditation. I like its profound simplicity. There’s also a cool meditation you can do with a candle flame, where you sit purposely before a lit candle, gaze into the flame for a few minutes, then close your eyes and reverently cover them with your palms while trying to hold the image of the flame in your mind’s eye.

Sorry. This is probably not any help.

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