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Starting Fresh

Well, the uncertain situation I’ve been in for the last month has become more certain. We’re done for good. It’s a long story & I’m pretty frustrated right now, but what I do know is that its better now rather than later. I see now that he will never face his fears or his issues head on, he chooses to run away. And as he has been doing for the last three years, when the fear passes he’ll be back at my door wanting me again but this time will be different and I won’t be there. I know my worth and I deserve someone who will be there for me in the good times and the not so good times and ending this now frees me up to go find someone who can give me what I want from a relationship. I might be sad right now but I know that the future is bright :)


Optionally_Mine wishes she had unlimited cheers coz she thinks you're all wonderful !!

I can totally relate ..

My abusive ex was like this only it took me 18 months to realise he had spent his adult life running away from his issues through addictions and when given the chance to turn things around for himself it was never enough.

Recently i met up with a guy i’d dated 6 years ago, we had a great time, almost like old times but when it came right down to it he used the same excuses he had used 6 years ago.

Being with the abusive ex has taught me one thing, no amount of love can help someone who doesn’t want to be helped and now i won’t settle for anything less than comittment and compromise.


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