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Sorghum, 04-2012

I really love sorghum (it tastes similar to molasses, but not as bitter) and it’s hard to find good sorghum around here. Luckily one of my family members usually picks up a jar for me from southern Indiana once every year or two. Unfortunately, this was a huge jar that my brother bought me and it had been around for at least 3-4 years. It looked kinda funky… And smelled kinda like it was fermenting… So I threw out the portion that I hadn’t used :P



I tend

to have the same problem with maple syrup- I love it (it’s on my list of one of the few “foods of the gods” ;) ) but it’s expensive so I tend to stretch it out as much as possible. If you keep it in the fridge it lasts a lot better, but it will develop mold even there. But yeah, like you mentioned, most of it can be salvaged even then.

BTW, I’ve found that the darker “Grade B” maple syrup is even more flavorful than the light “Grade A” types and it’s usually cheaper.

joie de vivre I'm back now

maple syrup

We go through maple syrup so fast there’s no chance of mold growing on it!

Then again, I have a tendency to make a big batch of pancake batter on the weekend, and then make pancakes for breakfast for the rest of the week.

Home made pancakes are cheap compared to commercial breakfast cereals, so I’m not going to begrudge some good, genuine maple syrup being poured on top.

We buy it at Trader Joe’s, the biggest jug of Grade B that they sell. I agree with TG – Grade B both tastes better and is cheaper – why do anything else?

joie de vivre I'm back now

And even

...this morning, finishing up the pancake batter made on Sunday – two buttermilk oatmeal pancakes, with fresh organic raspberries from the garden, maple syrup, and a nice fried egg on the side.



Sounds great!

Well, except for the egg- I’m not real fond of eggs ;)


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