Beat my depression (read all 4 entries…)

its the down season again .. im soo depressed..
don’t understand this world ….... life is pointless


How about some bibliotherapy?

Reading through some of your goals and entries, it seems pretty clear you suffer from depression. Have you read much about this disease? I’ve found educating myself about it has been a pretty interesting experience. I’ve learned alot about various topics from neurobiology, to psychology, to communication. It has also helped me understand myself and folks around me better.

I can recommend a few good books to get you started to learning more about it. I think Richard O’Connor’s book Undoing Depression is pretty interesting and I also really learned a lot from Peter Kramer’s Against Depression. Now you said in the comment above you are smart, so I’m not recommending dumbed down books here. Both of these are memoirs that address depression by psychiatrists/psychologists who are leaders in their fields. There are also a number of books that are useful as more practical handbooks. These tend to be more cognitive behavioral approaches to depression. The best one I’ve seen is The Feeling Good Handbook by David Burns.

You mention bipolar behavior in your comment above. From what I’ve read, folks who suffer from bipolar conditions benefit from medication. This isn’t a situation people easily “think their way out of”. You very well may need to treat the disease’s effects medically so that you can start thinking more clearly.

Good luck. Show us you are smart by taking care of yourself! You need to start challenging these ideas that you don’t care about yourself. Call your doctor or call a community health clinic or school nurse if you don’t have a doctor. Doing something to improve your condition would be a great way to show some self concern.

Good luck.

Phil is building shelves in the basement. (Goal #23)

I’m responding to a five year old post.
Are you there?
How are you doing?
Did you try seeing a doctor? If so what happened?
Josh has good advice here. I’m familiar with a couple of the books he mentions and I agree they are good.
Hang in there.


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