Buster Benson I need more goals.

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The Great Life Coaching Scam?

After a couple days of researching what exactly all of this life coaching stuff is about, it looks suspiciously like a giant pyramid scheme. Anyone can become a life coach, you make money, and also train new life coaches to begin the cycle anew. Searching Google there are more links to becoming a life coach than in getting one. The marketing for life coaches involves a lot of suspicious “Free Trials”, big promises about their ability to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER, and slippery email gathering tricks. It’s all so cheesy and fake and reminds me of the kinds of marketing that saturates weight loss programs, scientology, and other insincere programs for fake self-improvement.

Which, just makes me think that there’s a market for a newer life coaching program from the future. For lost souls and people who are dead inside. So, for now I’m going to continue looking into this.


Buster Benson I need more goals.


I’ve written to your sister and she provided a wonderfully thorough and considerate response. I think we may be meeting up for coffee sometime soon… and she has already given me a ton of good leads for schools and approaches close by.

Way to shift your context, Buster!

Buster, I just have to say, between the first comment in March of 2006, to this comment, in April 2006, one month later, I’ve never seen such a shift in attitude!

That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with having a poor opinion of something—people think lots of things about lots of things! But it takes a very open-minded, positive person to have such a dramatic change of heart so quickly.

So, as I write this in 2013, inquiring minds want to know—did you ever meet up for coffee? And, if you don’t mind sharing, I’m curious to know how it went and if it improved your opinion of life coaching, or getting coaching in general.

Take care, and thanks for sharing!


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