shoemaker is Cautiously Optimistic

get my migraine headaches under control (read all 13 entries…)
They're back

And how…

I’m having such a terrible atack – I can hardly see what I’m typing…

I am soooo sick and tired and depressed…



shoemaker is Cautiously Optimistic

thanks for the kind words and the advice

My known triggers are sharp changes in the weather, irregular sleeping/eating, MSG, red wine or a real bad fight.

Unfortunatly, not all of these are within my control.

I’ve tried Imitrex, but though it reduces the pain, I find it doesn’t help the weakness and nausea, and on one or two occasions I felt it made me wake up worse off the next morning.

Again – thanks sooo much for your thoughts and feelings!!

PurpleHeather hasn't been about much as little Isaac is keeping her very busy!

Another thing for exclusion - Aspartame?

Stop drinking diet drink – I saw that you want to lose weight on your goal list, eating any food with candarel or nutrasweet in (careful aspartame is in many drinks – even non-diet drinks, chewing gum, yogurts, sweets, crisps, etc).

Try this for 2-3 weeks and really stick to it and see what happens. It usually clears in a week or so.

Then once it’s gone stick to avoiding aspartame.

A headache (of varying levels in different people) that virtually never goes and doesn’t react to painkillers is one of the most common side effects / reactions of consuming aspartame. I have a more serious reaction – I black out.

Be careful and take care of the additives in your food/drink. They don’t all suit everyone.

Please let me know if this is of any use to you.


I also get a “storm head” and can predict thunder storms. I wish I couldn’t. Nothing really shifts it until the storm finally arrives a few hours later.


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