Buster Benson I need more goals.

watch "The Life Aquatic" on Christmas Day with someone (read all 2 entries…)
My only Christmas tradition

As long as I’ve been away from home and anti-holiday, on Christmas Day I’ve enjoyed going to dimsum for breakfast (the only places reliably open) and watching a silly movie that usually comes out on that day. The last few years it was Royal Tennenbaums, something I forgot, and then one of the Hobbit movies… Royal Tennenbaums being one of my favorite movies of all time. Well, this Christmas Day Wes Anderson’s new movie is coming out and I just have to see it. Unfortunately, the people I usually see it with have moved far away and I need someone new to see it with. Presumably also far from family and non-naustalgic about the holidays. Should be okay with drinking early. Must be a Wes Anderson fan. And needs to be within traveling distance of the Egyptian Theater in Seattle. Anyone?


Saw it last week, for free at a preview screening—man, living in New York ROCKS. I liked it a great deal, it won’t be to everyone’s tastes for sure, but I hope you like it to. The review on Amy’s Robot hits every point about it I want to make, and then some.

Buster Benson I need more goals.

They had the preview screening here too but I didn’t go because I wanted to save it. Does the review on Amy’s Robot give anything away or can I read it before seeing it?


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