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My heart is aching now

It’s been officially a week since I last heard from him..the thing that surprises me that he never told me it’s over..or that he’s breaking up with me or something..Even the last call although he was cold..he did not even hint that it’s over..He simply disappeared..Wow..I can’t believe it..What i know is there’s no way in hell i’ll be contacting him..although my heart sometimes tells me to do so..I want to do the right thing once in my life and put it all behind me..although God know i miss him so bad and wish I can hear his voice..but then i say what’s the point..if he can just walk away..without saying a word..I want to handle the situation with grace..even if he chose to go away..I only wish if i know why…I only wish to know if he really loved me as he always said..


my heart goes out to you

speaking from experience on this. you maynot be able to just put him out of your mind in a week or two or even a few months. I’ve been working on this myself for the past year.

if you link to some of my past posts you will find a scientific explanation to why you love him and miss him.
its biological, cultural and genitic.

good luck and know your not alone in this struggle.


I want to:
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