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Dream Costumes

When I was tired, I used to be able to hear this strange noise. I think it was the sound of the blood pumping through the veins inside my ear, it was a pulsing “hushh” noise. Very calming, actually.

I used to call it my “dream costumes”, as if the characters in my dreams were backstage getting ready for tonight’s performance.

I remember standing in the doorway to my sister’s room in footie pajamas, while my parents put her to bed. I was zoning-out, listening to my dream costumes, and my parents asked me what I was doing. I told them, and needless to say, they were very confused.

Now when my kids say things that I don’t understand, I try to remember that it probably makes perfect sense to them inside their heads.

I can still make the dream costumes sound for a split second by constricting my ears, but it never happens involuntarily any more.


I approve of this declaration.

Kids do make their own kind of sense.

On a completely (mostly) unrelated note, have you ever read Everything is Illuminated? I’m not sure why, but you look exactly like the way I picture Alex in the book, which is, needless to say, a little bit ironic if you read it.

So… rock on!

Joe Goldberg Working hard


Yeah, I have read that! JSF is one of my favorite young authors. I’ll take your remark as a big compliment.

It is a compliment of the highest kind, my friend.



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