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My biggest strength: wooing?

In addition to practical job-hunting steps, I have been thinking big picture.

I will be doing a series of leadership retreats this year (through work, but I have high hopes that they’ll be helpful personally too). Next week I am meeting with the retreat facilitators to tell them about myself.

Also, I went to a website my sweetie found (all staff at his big corporate job are using it) that has some super-scientific test “based on a Gallup study of over 2 million people” to discover your strengths. ( “I already know alot about my strengths,” I thought. And I don’t put much faith in standardized testing of any kind. But when several of my biggest strengths (according to the test) were about people and relating and communicating, I wondered again why I work at a computer in a dark corner and almost never interact with the public in my current job.

The test said my biggest strength was in “Wooing”—not in a romantic sense, but in making instant connections and building rapport with new people. I think that assessment has some validity. So should I be in sales? A realtor? A PR person? In HR? A college recruiter?

Or maybe this all comes back to journalistic photography, where I could use that skill along with my nerdy technical skills and my creativity. I went to an exhibit of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalistic photography last weekend, and found it really moving.


Melissa Axel

ID code

just reading through this again and wondering if you or anyone else can share the ID code to access please? =)

The ID code comes in the book (with the perfect business productivity title: "Now, Discover Your Strengths")

And each one can only be used once, so I can’t give you mine.

The thought crossed my mind to go to the bookstore, look at the number under the dust jacket and leave the book there… but that would inconvenience the person who actually bought the book, so I couldn’t do it.

Then my sweetie admitted that he will probably never get around to reading his copy of the book anyway, so he let me use the code.

Melissa Axel


thanks for letting me know =)


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