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It has been a little quiet...

Is everyone okay, or have we all crawled to a corner to nurse our fried minds? I am scheduled to take FAR Aug 28 and it can’t get here soon enough. I’m probably not ready, but I am so sick of STUDYING!!! Day after day, question after question…Anyway, hope all is well with everyone!


Galina Finally passed the CPA exam!

Great attitude, Brwnsgr!

Kill the beast come Monday!!!Good luck!

I think I only scratched the beast...

I felt like I got the crap beat out of me when I got done with that thing. The simulations totally sucked the life out of me. Evidently business consolidation is a popular subject. I, unfortunately, never really got a good grasp on doing the worksheet. A multiple choice question I could get through, but a simulation?! Just my luck. :(

Well, I can only hope that I at least did better than the first time. I am going to do a light review on this section until I get my scores back. Might as well be prepared.


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