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get a 33 or higher on the ACT (read all 5 entries…)

34! i got a 35 in english, 35 in reading, 33 in science, and.. 31 in math? yeah, that weirded me out a lot. oh well. at least i got a 34!


*The Parting Of The **Sensory** summer? allready?!

33 on the ACT?

Thats insane!!!! Wow!!! great job… What kind of prep did you do before taking it?


the first time i took it i didnt do anything, and got a 31. then i got a book (princeton review has the best review books in everyyything) and studied. and apparently i was so confident in my math abilities that i ignored that section, and my math score went down. ha. but yeah, raising my score 3 points just by using a book was definitely worth it!

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i go to case, in cleveland. it’s a good school, and my score helped me out a lot with getting a scholarship.

quitejaded 's video is added to the 43things youtube channel! & Free T-shirt!

Yeah what college do you go to now?

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