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Brush my shoulders off (read all 7 entries…)
The copycats respond

Dear Josh Petersen,

thank you very much for your email.

Based on a market research we decided to redesign our website 2 weeks ago because of the fact that a large proportion of the German users don`t understand our original idea: “to match people and their goals and help them to achieve these goals”. The average German user is not familiar with concepts like technorati, meetup, et al. As a conclusion we will improve the user guidance and add more serious content. A comparison between your and our website has shown that a few users see similarities concerning the homepage but not concerning second level sites. Nevertheless, the redesigned website will be very much different on all levels and since we are already working on the new design you are kindly invited to visit our website in 2-3 weeks but please understand that we don´t see the necessity for any kind of “reporting”.

Best Regards from Germany
David Kuczek / Dr. Berit Ernst


CG is not a gadget

Management shake-up

It would appear the six strangers in your house have reduced in number to two. Perhaps all the suits took flight.

Interesting catch

I hadn’t noticed that change. Hmmm.

Where did Andreas Arntzen, Lars Langusch, Harald Schröpfer and Oliver Weyergraf run off to? (Thanks to invisible.ch for the pointers). Here’s a little archived image for those who haven’t seen the missing rogues.

CG is not a gadget

Google cache

And here’s the Google cache of that page as of yesterday.

It would appear they have lost their “advisors.”

Well, they didn’t listen to us anyway, so what.

Did you correspond with them

What do you mean they didn’t listen to us?

Interesting catch

Argentina, perhaps? jk.

More copies

Well. Well. If imitation is the best form of flattery then Josh you have one more on your hand or should I say ‘list’. See, http://www.aimi.cn/ and this one is Chinese.

Oh! BTW notice how good they are at Photoshop to remove the 43things logo and put theirs (Sarcasm intended).

What’s so interesting is that the same guys copied Flickr too @ Yupoo.com.

Good company

It’s flattering to be the fake Gucci hand bag next to the fake Rolex watch.

It is too bad there isn’t more momentum for working together, as we’d love to get 43 Things out in more countries, but just don’t have the localization skills in house, or the budget for speculatively expanding. It is flattering that there is interest.

But as we add new features and new sites they could go into all the new markets. As it is, not only will aimi.cn have to add the features, they’ll be coding them in ASP (which I’m sure is licensed!).

i too encountered these two websites and wrote about it on my blog 10 days ago… so it may be interesting for someone

Glass Houses

Hey Josh, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, my50.co.uk / my50.com has been around since 2002, but we unfortunately haven’t worked for Amazon. Had you come across My50 before 43things? Maybe your design and implementation is different, but you weren’t first with the concept.

Hi dusty,

I had not seen my50.co.uk before we launched 43 things, but someone did point it out to me after we did. It’s a great site. Congratulations & nice to hear from the creator.

As we say on our site, people have known for years that making a list of your goals is a great way to acheive them. Understandably, there are a lot of sites out there that involve lists of things you might want to do, goal setting, and loads of community bulletin boards. Hopefully nothing I’ve said suggests we think 43 Things was the first attempt to ever do any of these things. But we did put a lot of work into making a unique site that tackles them all in a unique way.

In their original implementation, aimido.de lifted the full design of our site – down to colors, fonts, page flow, etc and then tried to pass it off as their original work. I appreciate that after we contacted them, they revised the site to not so blatantly copy the look of our site and added some mention of where they found their inspiration. The same is true of sites like http://www.aimi.cn and http://yy.yeeyoo.com where the full implementation and design has been appropriated.

If you see elements of 43 Things that you think have been similarly copied from your site or create confusion with your site’s look and feel, I’d be glad to address them. We certainly think people ought not appropriate other people’s work and pass it off as their own. Looking at the 2 sites, while they obviously have some similarity in their purpose and focus, they seem pretty different in implementation, design, and functionality. Let me know if you disagree or if you have concerns you want us to address.

I’m guessing you are joking about wishing you worked at amazon.com but if not, here’s a link to their jobs page for the UK. They are hiring. I haven’t worked at Amazon since 2002 so I can’t really tell you much about the current climate, but I’d be glad to put you in touch with someone who could.


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