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Develop a stronger personal yoga practice (read all 4 entries…)
Renewed motivation

I have been to a workshop this past weekend with Mark Whitwell, and as I had hoped, it has helped me to remember the love, joy, and clarity that yoga used to bring to my life. My mind had gotten so cluttered with the surging popularity of yoga and the associated expectations that come along with it (what a yogi should be, what a yoga teacher should be, what you should get out of practice, what poses should always be done, etc). I got so caught up in the shoulds that I didn’t want to bother with it anymore!

But through the practices and conversations this past weekend, I realize that it’s just so simple. Just a little breath and movement for the sheer joy of it – because it makes you feel good and it makes everything else in your day so much better. There’s nothing else to it! Just breathe and move and feel good and know that everything is okay. THAT is something I can get motivated to do!


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