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pray more

I forget that I can pray, sometimes. That it’s an option. I’m visiting my sister’s family right now, and they pray before every meal. I like it, actually. But I can’t seem to remember on my own. It’s the same with remembering to pray other times. I forget that it’s an option. I used to talk to God all the time – what happened? And, too, I feel like sometimes I don’t really know how to pray. Like… I say everything wrong, and I leave out things that are important. And the good thing is that I know none of that matters, that God knows the stuff and what I want to communicate, but even so, I wish I could feel more… stable about it, somehow.


dirgon needs to start updating his 43Things entries more often.

I struggle with my prayer life as well. I have had some very good people, especially here on 43Things, to start out with the Psalms. These are basically prayers from David to God. When you pray, say simple, concise sentences. There is no need to go into the “stained glass” prayer, you know, the one that is long, eloquent, and beautiful. All prayers are beautiful. God just wants to hear from us. “Thank you God”. That is a prayer.

As for your comment about “what happened”? I have been feeling the same way as of late, because I have not been doing the things that I should be doing. I heard it great in one of our lessons at church recently… we are as close to God as we want to be.


About what you should say…In catechism hours we’ve been told not so long ago something very interesting about prayers. That you should start by trying to rid your mind of everything and just not to think of anything, and to open yourself -this is meditation; you become open to God, to His Voice, you get in communion with Him. And it is through this communion that you can pray for somebody or for something, you deliver them into His hands, you recognize that it is only through Him that anything can be.
So the prayer isn’t based on words but on an opening, a communion (cf communication…Hey, that actually means communication is supposed to bring you to a communion; so opening yourself is a way of communicating. Letting yourself become one with God. I’m rambling, but I find this interesting.). But of course, it’s a hard state to reach. :P

Good luck. And have faith, everyone gets into it then out then back in again. Just the fact that you want to pray and to think more of God is a prayer in itself.

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