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Texas Lin Live with Passion!

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We have the power to design our lives

The next outlined chapter in my life story is:

1. My real estate career has been good over the years. I especially love lending. It’s what I do best. That will continue to be my bread and butter.

The crowning glory of my career will be my affordable housing foundation for displaced familes. No one deserves to be homeless or hungry – even our most heinous criminals get 3 hots and a cot courtesy of Uncle Sam!

2. We are all survivors in this life. The best thing we can do is share the experiences we have learned to help each other through. So personal empowerment workshops will be my contribution passing forward what was given to me over the years.

3. My passion for our environment and children fuels my desire to promote community gardens around the world. The more I explore this the more I can happily relay to you there are lots of treehuggers like me! ;)

There is hope for a green future afterall. Ahhhh- a big sigh of relief. :)

Once I simplified what I want everything became crystal clear.


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I want to:
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