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Received a phone call from an airlines to work in Madrid, well, not to work but to ask a few things of relevance for the vacancy…I needed driving licence (one of my goals) and own car…well, I guess next time.

I also have an interview for 1st of September in a Nursery School; im scared of it and feel like I should take my education books and start re-reading/studying all I´m sure I forgot …and I haven´t got enough experience…uuffff. Other times I feel happy of thinking that I would get that job as the money would let me do a lot of things Im dreaming to do and I cant because of it (like start saving to move abroad).
Anyway, it depends on the day that I feel either secure and strong or completelly scared and wished to desapear.


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: )) I´m reading your reply and breath deeply while thinking, yes, she is right, I have to believe what she says…uuufff, I should learn to relax myself hehehe. Illkeep in my mind all what you say to me when I go to the interview! it will do good.

(This comment was deleted.)

No, I haven´t tried

It yet, but it´s one of the things I´d like to do from September on…more even since my mother told me today that I am unbalanced (of course she didn´t say it with bad intention just to make me realise things…). I think I need so much to learn to relax and learn to control my anxiety in certain situations.

JP Creighton rising to shine on a rainy cloudy May Sunday;waiting for coffee, here.

The children will teach you how, trust them and God

By all means, read your books and think carefully. But also ask the older or more experienced teachers for advice.

Que Dios te bendiga!

: )) Uhh, im more restless now :P Yes, Ill read something at least it will make me be more secure.
It´s so interesting to me that you are teaching your kids at home; I am sure you have read lots of books and look for so much information. How have you done it?

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