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play a beautiful processional for my friend Chelsie's wedding (read all 6 entries…)
right around the corner...

Many apologies for my neglect of my 43T site, mea culpa, I haven’t forgotten you, I still love you, my excuse this time is that my crappy second summer job involves staring at a computer screen for 10 straight hours and the last thing I want to do when I get home is spend another 4 hours playing around on all the websites I love.


Today is Wednesday. Almost Thursday cause it’s late. Friday is Chelsie’s wedding rehearsal. Saturday is the big day.

Holy hell, my childhood best friend, my friend since kindergarten when we ran into each other (quite painfully literally) and decided to be friends, sidekick all the way through middle school when we started (sadly, unintentionally) growing apart slightly, is getting married.

Sorry. Tangent. Anyways, it was decided that I’m playing the prelude and the recessional rather than the processional, but that’s ok, the goal can stay the same. Fine by me. Prelude is going to be Menuet by C. W. von Gluck, the first movement of a three movement piece (Menuet and Spirit Dance), which itself is an excerpt from a longer work (Orpheus). Recessional is going to be Menuetto from Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Not your traditional wedding music but that’s ok by me. And I have accompanyment! A piano teacher happens to live next door to one of Chelsie’s mother’s aunts, or something crazy like that, and she’s playing with me. We’ve played together once and I’m fairly optimistic about how Saturday will sound. We’re coming early to the rehearsal to practice together again.

Got a dress. It’s pretty. I’ll see if I can get a pic up eventually. No date, but that’s ok, my friend Gretchen (my current sidekick) and her fiance (side-sidekick? sidekick of my sidekick?) are coming. They’re coming for me. It’ll be nice to have them there. Plus I have permission to dance with the fiance just in case I find myself partnerless.

As far as my flute playing itself…shoulda practiced more over the summer, but I’m more critical of myself than anyone else is going to be. I sound pretty good. Tone’s not back at the level it was pre-Italy and pre-5 month hiatus from practicing, but it sounds pretty good. Technique-wise the songs aren’t very complicated, so I’m ok there. Just have to practice a couple more times. Played for my family and they approved and applauded with only minimal criticisms.

Ok, can tell when I’m getting tired when I start leaving subjects off of sentences. My 43T site WILL start getting more attention and sweet lovin’ from me once I quit this blasted 10 hours of staring at the computer job (tomorrow!) and especially once I get back to DC (week and a half!). Love to everyone reading this and hope you have wonderful weekends that don’t involve death by humidity like weekends here have lately.


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