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I want to but I've seen what it does!

I want to be reliable. I want to be able to commit to things. However, I don’t want to commit to the wrong thing! Like my job, if I committed to THAT? I’d be a waitress trying to act like she really gave a crap when she didn’t. Do I really care what you want to eat? Not really. But for a good tip I’ll act like it! But I don’t want to enjoy this job. If I ever did I’d end up one of the sad originals who bitch all day. It’s not an easy life and it isn’t the life I want. So what do I be consistent with? Housework? Homework? Friends and family? Life? Life is so full of crap that will come flying at you out of nowhere that it isn’t easy nor great to be consistent! I’m an impulsive being! I’ll be there for friends, family and school (so I can do what I love) but besides that why should I really be consistent? My answer is I really don’t have much desire to do this! Then there’s those people who are so consistent in life that they live life by routine and get stuck in a rut. That has happened to me! I have no intention of letting it happen again! Life’s too precious to be all settled and practical! I like living wild and free!



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