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Settle into my new job. (read all 10 entries…)
I like it so far...

but it’s been stressful trying to figure out things on my own with the one role of my new job. The other role I’m quite familiar with, and that’s what is keeping me fairly hopeful.

This goal can be checked off when:
  1. I get my office clean and organized for me to use.
  2. I have gone through my predecessor’s system and can get some meaning out of it.
  3. I can create some systems of my own to be more efficient.
  4. I get my caseload situation fully worked out.
  5. I understand what my exact job responsibilities are.
  6. I am familiar with area resources.
  7. I am able to come up with a system of keeping the files up to date in a timely fashion.
  8. I am able to do what is required of me fairly easily without a lot of undocumented overtime.

Along with this goal, since I literally live at my job I am going to have to come up with something to involve myself outside of my home and office in order to give myself some downtime. This has been the biggest challenge for me yet…feeling like I have my own life after hours. Lately the only time I’m not thinking about my job is when I’ve been away on the weekends (which isn’t practical financially for me to do all the time) or when I’m sleeping. This will not be a healthy situation long-term.


PRIL79 2 years i think i should clean the slate and start over. It's due time

i love your comment

I like how you structered your item list! I’m gong to copy off you and enter a new entry for each of my “things” I know this is off bases but I admire how you did that!

Congrates on the new job!

out side of work I would get a pet! or take up park days and go to a local park and just chill!!!
Me and my boyfriend do metro park sundays and we cook out invite others and hike! it’s a great release!!!
Mad luv

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