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JustJürgen being away helps to return home

Make fun of goals - 20 times (read all 2 entries…)

Well, I’ve found entries like: do this 1000 times, leave that 492 times and keep this up 873 times.
I am not a figure-driven type.
So this counting of achievements leaves me strongly puzzled.
What is the quality of reading 250 books a year?
What of watching 68 movies?
What does it show? What’s the outcome?
Probably I am just envious that I am not such a fast reader or that I don’t go to movies as frequently.:>
So I have added 3 goals that ridicule this figure-driven attitude.


RuthG lives.

I especially like

“don’t swear 1000 times.”

How would you count one time? I guess you could accomplish the goal pretty quickly, if you counted one second as “one time I didn’t swear.” Then you could check off the goal in less than 17 minutes—as long as you didn’t swear during that time!


JustJürgen being away helps to return home

Holy crap -

so this goal could then be ticked as done.
No, goals must take longer to achieve.

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