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I haven’t did the Christmas meal before and that’s not what I’m mean when I titled this “Cooking.” I want to do things like make cookies and hot chocolate this year. I found out this year that I can make awesome homemade cookies. Maybe I could save some time and money this year by just making my co-workers cookies instead of buying individual gifts. ...I don’t have a lot of co-workers. We’re all pretty close and usually buy each other gifts…

I will also like to contribute to Christmas dinner this year. I want to make green bean casserole and maybe something else. My husbands mom usually does all of the cooking, but I want to help too.



Making Gifts

I do think making gifts are the best gifts one can give, ones made from the heart as much as possible.

After all, one can “buy” something most anytime of year.

The ones made for us, are the ones I think that are the most memorable. :)

I think making homemade cookies for your coworkers is an awesome idea, especially if you can find out what each individual’s favorites are since you have a small amount of co-workers. They should love it! :)

Enjoy this Christmas and enjoy GIVING. :)


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