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How To Grow Plants

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grow plants (read all 5 entries…)

I took a piece of the “money plant”...put it in water, it grew a few little roots and thought I was ready to be put on a pot…it wasn´t. I had to rescue it and put it in water again as 2 of it´s 4 leaves fell down…
The funny thing of this is that i am broke, and so my money plant is dyign..poor plant, maybe I should try harder to find a job than recue her from dying. (just a bad joke) Im sure it´ll recover.


(This comment was deleted.)


it is still in water , growing new roots and keeping its few leaves stronger than when it was in the flower pot. I am afraid of what will happen whenever I decide to “plant” it on the soil again, I think ill wait for that a long while. It needs to grow up…same as my “money” I am too broke :) I need to be put in water as well :) hehehhhe


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