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Grow wise, but never Grow up
adore the child in me

and wonder about wisdom…

Back in my highschool days, my girlfriends and I caught a “general public” bus home as the “special” school bus collected from many schools and by the time it got to our bus stop it was usually full to overflowing.

The public busses were often also full. Most days we had to let 2 or 3 go by (as the paying population got first dibs) and we got home quite late. Most times we just squeezed into a little mass, right up the back, mischeif loving (giggling) sweaty little girls. We were supposed to be “on our very best conduct, as WE represented the image of our School”.

Most of the adults were tired from a hard days work, and there were many sour faces amongst them. They didn’t like it when we filled up their space. It was HOT enough, and very uncomfortable.

One incredibly hot summer afternoon I remember fondly when i had the idea of taking a (fully loaded) little water pistol onto the bus with me. Much squeeling and laughter resulted from my friends wet and smiling faces. It was great fun.

The next day they got me back… they nearly all turned up at the bus stop with little water pistols. Those who didn’t have a pistol hit me with the full strength of their loaded water bottles. We entered the bus dripping wet.

But it didn’t stop there…

I guess you can imagine… the back of the bus was decidly WET!

Of course, the bus driver couldn’t see… the bus was too full and his vision was blocked by all the other people.

These little water fights continued all through that summer and
they didn’t stay little, they expanded.

Any member of the “general public” who quietly chuckled (behind their hands) did not go home dry for very long.

They too were “GOT”.

By the end of the summer, all the boring buggers (who were adult enough) sat at the front of the bus, and all the kids sat (or stood) up the back. These kids included many adults, who, I’m sure, had as much fun as we did. There were never any complaints about our behaviour to our school, which was kinda incredible…???


I look back wistfully… and wonder if anyone else remembers those steamy afternoons, packed in like sardines, as fondly as I do.

I remember a mutual pledge to my best friend, Delia, “promise me you will never grow up?”, i said. She promised, with a twinkle in her eye. I wonder if she did. I certainly didn’t.

i wonder how anyone can not adore the laughter of a child

Moral… laughter and joy is contagious if you allow it to be.



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