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A sea otter...

..on my back.


sea otter hmm?

argh! i want to get one as well—i’m working on a design that encorporates both my UK and eastern european heritage… needs to be a good fit for the small of my back.


I’d like to see that. I was thinking of a cartoony otter like this:


but I’m not sure how well that would come out as a tattoo.

The other thing stopping me is that I’m only going to do it if I’ve got someone to hold my hand while its done. I took some video of three sea otters in Seattle aquarium, all holding hands, floating in the sunshine. Its just the cutest….

oh my gosh...

you sound like such a west coaster… the cartoon otter is definitely unique as well as your muse for that idea!!

I am a west coaster!

I live in LA. But that’s the postal code for Lancashire. I can see the sea as I get to work – its just past the nuclear power station.

Found the pic of the friendly otters:


There is no debate that this is the cutest thing on the planet. Furry animals cute. Furry animals holding hands double cute. Are there any other animals, apart from homo sapiens that hold hands?

The reason they do it is because they have no fur on their hands, so by placing their hands together they can conserve warmth. Although when on their own they sometimes adopt a ‘prayer’ position with their hands, in close groups they seem to enjoy contact with other animals.

triple cute

(This comment was deleted.)


A friend of mine suggested this as a tattoo design:




Nice quote from that site:

“When otter appears in your life it is asking you to let go of worry and pain, lighten up and enjoy what life has to offer. Trust your inner knowing , develop trust for others and embrace the world with excitement and enthusiasm.”

- which for some reason has reduced me to tears. Soppy sod I am :)

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