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Moving on....

I sometimes hate succumbing to the typical emotionally based reactions that only a woman seems to have. I have to admit, one holiday that brings out the emotional reaction in me is Valentine’s day, the day that seemed to be created to make 90% of the population feel bad. I mean, really, how many of us can say we have had a great Valentine’s day EVERY year. Or that we have had that special “someone” on that particular day. And the one that seems to ail me, having someone, but the days ends up being anything but special. And then, making excuses for it. Not to mention, I think every day should have the potential of honoring the person your with, with a little extra love.

Recently I have been trying to move on from relationships that don’t meet the things I’ve come want, and deserve, in life. And also in this quest, to maintain healthy relationships, especially one with myself. So I have decided to create the perfect date for the 14th. I have rewarded my efforts to this goal with a trip to New York in February, and a date with my closest male friend in celebrating an “anti” Valentine’s Day. Celebrating not having to be in love with someone to have a good day, but just loving life and friends, and having a damn good time of it. Life is too short to pine away, feel depressed or bad because you’re single, or even worse, staying with someone who doesn’t fulfill your expectations, or at least give it their best damn shot. So this year I am not settling for sitting around hoping to have a date with a person I care for(bleck, how awful), but instead making one that is sure to be a blast. And even better, not settling for someone who is too afraid to say I love you.


weeee ha!

have fun! i’m jealous. there are 2 girls i would especially love to spend valentine’s with in nyc. i know you’ll have a great time!!! take lots of pictures! :)


good for you!

I really enjoyed reading your comments on valentines day and relationships :) I like your attitude! Any day can be a special day with someone you care for, whether they be lover or friend. That kind of spontaneaity is something I value and rank highly as a way of showing your respect and admiration for someone.

I’ve always considered V day to be blown way out of proportion, just an opportunity for the corporate giants to pillage the consumers once again. It’s so impersonal really.

But here comes the ironic bit… after all my years of cynicism (really a mask for the childhood trauma of never having once got anything for V day!) I now have to put it aside my distaste for the day and participate because my bf likes to celebrate it… lol… life is funny sometimes!

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