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Augmenting the infrastructure

Yesterday, I installed a trellis for the pea plants and a cage for Mr. Glacier tomato plant. Both had started to sprawl on the ground, which I hear is bad for the tomatoes, at least, since various bugs get easier access to the fruit. Plus, the pea-trellis is decorative!

Installing the tomato cage was a bit difficult. I suspect that you’re supposed to put the cage in while the plant is still fairly small. The branches of the plant are pretty weak and easily bruised or bent, and I knocked one of my tomatoes off. (Now I need to find something you can do with a green tomato. I’m sure there’s something!) But overall, I think it’s an improvement. For pre- and post-cage tomato shots, see the most recent photos here.


joie de vivre I'm back now

Tomato Cages

I have yet to find a decent tomato cage. I bought Ultomatos this year, which I hoped would solve all my problems. Alas, as soon as the fruit got to be a decent size, they fell over.

As for green tomatoes—if they’re light green, on the way to ripening, you can just put it on your window sill, and it’ll ripen up. This may or may not work with dark green ones.

I had probably 50 green tomatoes that fell off when I was repropping the Ultomato cages. I put them in a large shallow box lined with newspaper, and set them out on the porch. They’re ripening up nicely.

Thanks for the advice!

I’ll try that (see if I can get the green tomato to ripen).

The cage I got (the only option at Armstrong) is just a wire structure with three vertical prongs and three horizontal circles enclosing them at various heights. It doesn’t seem particularly sturdy to me, either.

joie de vivre I'm back now

Tomato cages

If you mean a cage like the one pictured, I agree, these are flimsy and near useless. I end up having to put up surrounding stakes to hold the plant up.

Since you’re in So Cal, you have more options as to the type of tomato plants you can grow, though. I’m always limited to early fruiting varieties.


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