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gain weight and get in shape
uh oh

i’m 15 years old 5 foot 5 inches..and i weigh 106…my friends can take three hands and go around my waste..with some to spare..i’ve lost 7 pounds over the summer and am not really happy about it, i think the main reason is i’m mind over matter, i can imagine me eating food and not be hungry anymore, but also i’ve gotten to the point where eating in the morning or at night makes me sick the next day..and i’m to buzy to eat at lunch so..i’ve always been physically fit and i would like to know if there is any possible way to gain weight without getting out of shape? any idea???


Meal Shakes

Meal shakes, especially ones with protein will help you gain weight if you eat them IN ADDITION to regular meals. They help you build muscle mass instead of just fat mass. So what weight you will be gaining will be all muscle and not flab!

If you have any questions or need some more advice just e-mail at halfkittymoon@hotmail.com

Im always here to help.



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