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Alexandria - Egypt

So my new destination this year was to some new places in Egypt. I went first to Alexandria where my friend Vix teaches primary school for the British International school there. We had a good few days and then went with a few of her friends on a trip down to the desert around the Baharayia Oasis.
It’s about a 4-5 hour drive from Cairo and well worth a visit although I would suggest that you go with professional guides as we did as when you are out in the desert you are reliant on the food and water you brought with you and also the driving abilities of your guides.
It was amazing. We went to the white and black deserts (chalk rock monoliths vs black rocky floors) and found some sand dunes in between. At night we slept out under the stars in what they call a bedouin tent which is basically a structure enclosed on 3 sides standing up and open to the air – but helps keep the sand from getting in your food and covering you when you sleep.
The temperature was fine at night – a sleeping bag was useful but a lightweight one was fine and during the day it reached about 40 degrees centigrade and at midday there is no shade for love nor money. (and this was only the end of May/start of June)
all in all a wondrful trip.



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