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My First SSRI

I’m starting an SSRI tomorrow, to see if it helps at all.

Today I told my coworker, “Uh, if you see me acting manic, can you please stop me? I mean, you are the person who sees me most often.”

“Uhhh… sure…?”

Yeah, I am a little worried but at the same time, hoping for the best.


Whee, wellness plans!

Nothing like trying to casually request a sanity guard from people. I’ve done that myself, and it’s incredibly awkward. Sort of like asking them to check if you’ve got a lump. Still, it has to be done. Your family and friends can look out for you somewhat, but they aren’t always around. And occasionally they need a sanity guard at the same time you do.

Good on you for taking care of your mental well-being, though. For some reason, our culture doesn’t really place a high value on a healthy mind – nowhere near the value it places on a good tan and nice muscle tone.

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