become a morning person.
i'm scratching this one for now

It’s just too damn difficult to achieve, at least for this semester. I still would like to come back and attempt this goal again perhaps next year, once I can achieve a moderate goal of waking up at 8:45am on weekdays and 9-10am on weekends(the former goal so that I have time to eat before my classes, as sometimes, I barely wake up and don’t even have time to eat before my morning classes). While this time is not as early as I’d ultimately like to wake up at, its a small benchmark I want to get to first before attempting this bigger step.

I’m just going to focus on waking up earlier for now, and advise people who aren’t succeeding in accomplishing this to just set a similar moderate(but not too difficult) benchmark of getting up earlier, rather than rushing too quickly to reach this goal(plus realized I was setting myself up for failure). Adieu everyone.


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Thanks for the comment. You’re the first non-smoker I’ve met who’s agreed with me.

Regarding the “morning person” goal: I’ve tried for so long to get up early because I have so much work to do at home, but it just never works out. I wake up around noon and stay up till all hours of the morning. I hope whatever strategies you are using help you actually reach this goal. Kudos.

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