venusian is Venusian2 ;-)

Fall is approaching! This season I will let something go (let it fall away). I'll surrender a habit, a person, an excuse I keep using. I choose to surrender it and move forward in my life. This will set me feel free ;)
Adding another year to our age isn't a big deal.

I should always remind myself of that statement above.
What I noticed was that I always felt scared of getting old. I don’t know but it becomes an “annual fear” everytime my birthday is coming.

A few days ago, I was feeling feverish again, kind of a psychological illness about getting OLD but good that I had my colleagues and friends here to comfort me.

Now, I should let this FEAR fall away this season…

I know I can do it.

Acceptance is the key. I am 31 now and I am happy about being one.


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venusian is Venusian2 ;-)

Thanks for enlightening me Hermes!

You’re so right, we are still very very young! We can still do a lot of worthwhile things for ourselves and for the people around us…

I must cherish this comment from you dear Bettina. Thanks soo much…

Have a superb day!

PS: Wow it’s so nice to discover that you’re a teacher too..

horay for thirtysomethings :o)

I heard that “30 is the new 20”

I’ll be 33 in December. I know that my physical self is not as “young” as it used to be and that is kind of depressing sometimes…but I LOVE my “older” mind, my grown up self-confidence, and more mature sassier attitude in general.

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