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My turn to do this :^(

It’s 1:20am Saturday morning & I’m STUCK AT BL00DY WORK, and will be for a while! Not happy.

I’m working to try to resolve a customer problem where the problem itself most likely doesn’t fall in my domain. I’ve already put in long week & now it looks like I’ll be missing out on my weekend too. It is important that the issue be resolved, seeing as I’m aiming for a job in the department I’m doing the work for, but I’m still not happy about it. As it is I’m expected to be on the customer’s from 3am Sunday morning onwards, regardless.

And to think I’d managed to avoid this type of thing up to now.


Oh well, at least I have access to resources worldwide to help me resolve the issue - thank goodness for small mercies & all that. Tell ya what though - I’d better get something worthwhile out of all this effort….

rant over, that feels a bit better



Aw Pete.

That sucks. :-(

Hope you get it all sorted soon.

Thanks LL :-)

That’s just the way it goes sometimes I guess. At least it’s not Christmas Eve like it was the last time this sort of thing happened….



Now that’s just plain ol’ WRONG!

Don’t hate me, but I’m going to get some sleep. Hope you can soon too.

Hate you?

Never. ;-)

Envious? Maybe. :-)

anyway, hope you’ve had a nice sleep by the time you read this

Hey Pete...

...I hope you get it all sorted and then a big rest.

I also hope that the other department recognises your worth and set you up real nice with that job!

Thanks dude

I hope so too. As it is I have less than 25 hours to resolve the issue. I think I’ll elevate to the next level, ie. someone else in Europe/USA, and pick it up again later this morning my time.

I tell ya what though: even though this sort of thing is out of the ordinary, it does make me rethink my career path. I prefer to work to live, not live to work….

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