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Put a stop to the proliferation of "flavored" martinis
Appletinis Must Die!

A proper martini is gin or vodka with a hint of vermouth and olives (I think 3 is the perfect number)... and that’s it! That’s all! No other flavors allowed!


back in 613 and ready to go! is dealing with changes!

ok just because you're moonie's hubby...

i’ll let you off the hook for this one but really…flavoured martinis are so yummy! they are pretty colours and they don’t taste like old gym socks which is what, in my opinion, ‘traditional’ martinis taste like!

clearly you haven’t had enough yummy martinis…

quick, martini party and moonies’ house!

Just Ask Moonie...

...but I actually enjoy food and beverages that taste like old gym socks! Those sweet liqueurs are fine in small doses but more than a little just tastes icky to me.

mooniebutt is a Mommy!

Yes, you're

gross like that.


back in 613 and ready to go! is dealing with changes!

why are men the same??

it must be something in your dna that says that you like disgusting foods!

but hey…i guess gym sock is a flavour so who am i to judge :)

mooniebutt is a Mommy!

You tell 'em jules!

I’ve never actually had a martini (that I remember) but if I ever do I would want a nice yummy flavor like watermelon or berry… I certainly would not want a plain, yucky, sock-flavored martini! Notice how I did not cheer this goal?

Party over herrrrre!

back in 613 and ready to go! is dealing with changes!

virtual martini party

one of these nights, once the snow starts to fall…or rain for those on the west coast…we’ll have to have a virtual martini party. we’ll get all decked out in black (pjs are ok!) and sip martinis while talking online :)

mooniebutt is a Mommy!


sounds like fun.

I’m game.


back in 613 and ready to go! is dealing with changes!


we’ll have to chat about it to set a date…

(This comment was deleted.)

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