drink absinthe

I had the fake American absinthe the other day.. eh.
Why does it have to be illegal in the US??


i gotta say...

i have lived overseas (italy) for a few years and some of the most interesting nights/experiences was tracking down that beautiful, green liquid. all-in-all i think the adventure was better than the destination..but still. the 17 euro a drink price is ridicuolous…but just to say “i’ve done it” is worth it. i dunno why the states are so crazy about wormwood – absinthe – it’s kinda just acting ignorant really. i also wish it wasn’t illegal. to be frank it’s harmless…. it’s just another drink to add to the collection.

if i may say so, pour it over a sugar cube for sure…it’s such a strong taste youi can’t handle more than a sip if it’s straight. i mean, that’s me – kinda weak in the “handling strong drink department”.

everyone from van gogh, to picasso, to oscar wilde hunted this drink down… some ending cutting off parts of their body during a possible “psychedelic” phase. i must say though, during ALL of my absinthe trials, i wasn’t lucky enough to have any of that. definitely worth doing in the long run…..good luck!

When I had the fake American kind, I poured it over a sugarcube. I didn’t enjoy the taste too much even with the sugarcube, heh.

Are you saying Van Gogh was drinking absinthe when he cut his ear off?? I never knew that..

you know i have heard that too

about van gogh that is… think it’s true… i should google it sometime. and to me – the taste – really hard to take. i have a feeling you’ll nail this goal sooner than expected… :)

actually, my understanding is that van gogh chopped his ear off during a seizure or maybe during a psychotic episode. i think there are lots of speculations about this but no one knows for sure, really. if you find out, though, let me know . . .

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