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Capoeira Classes Brooklyn

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start doing capoeira again (read all 5 entries…)
Commited this time

I’ve started Capoeira three times since 2000. Not a one of those times have I stuck with it until my batizado. All for different reasons. My wife quit and I lost the motivation. I got to busy at work, I couldn’t afford it.
Now I’m really going to do it. I can’t afford it right now (two kids in daycare and a mortage, we don’t do anything fun.) But I’m damned well making it to the next batizado at the closest school.
I’ve even started practicing what I know at home about twice a week so I’m not completely useless once I start class. Ties in well with my “get in shape” goal.
I’m expecting to be able to get into class in the next two months. To bad there isn’t anything near by. The closest one is about 45 mins away (that’s 25 miles and a lot of traffic.) But I’m going to do it.
That’s Mestre Amen’s school in the valley taught by Proffesore Xingu.



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